TheRopestry Mission & Values

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Hello and welcome to TheRopestry!

We are your specialist for chemical-free and sustainable jute ropes for bondage, Shibari, Kinbaku & Co., which are specially designed and manufactured for prolonged skin contact. In contrast to conventional jute ropes, our ropes are free of carcinogenic mineral batching oil, pesticides and fertilizers. This makes them unique in the market. Each rope is oiled, waxed and flamed by hand and offered for sale ready to use. 

Blindfolds and textiles for the care and storage of jute ropes complete our range. Whether for the bondage professional, beginner or amateur - our ropes are wonderful to use, light and strong. The jute yarn used for our ropes is manufactured according to our specification. 

We control the entire process starting with the jute cultivation (soil, seeds, environmentally friendly growth aids), harvesting, cleaning, spinning of the yarn and finally the production of the raw rope in a German rope factory.

We use Class 1 Tossa jute for our ropes, the best quality available on the market. This variety is ideal for early sowing. It offers high yields, makes fibre extraction easier and reduces the likelihood of filament damage. Compared to other types of jute, it is the least susceptible to insect damage and root rot. Thus no insecticides and fungicides against mosquitoes are required and bio-insecticides are reduced to an absolute minimum.

 The batching oil "glues" the individual jute filaments so a yarn can be spun from them. Here we use expeller-pressed soybean oil, which has been fortified with 100% vitamin A + D as well as omega 3 and 6. This oil is odourless and does not go rancid. The soybeans used for the soybean oil are grown as part of a UNICEF-UNESCO social project, are of high quality, GMO-free and are only transported via waterways.

In all phases of the manufacturing process, we take care to avoid contamination with mineral oil and other substances. Our yarn is therefore of food-grade quality and our ropes are 100% chemical-free, biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Jute ropes always lose fine fibres when used. This is due to the nature of the material. Through our conditioning methods, we reduce these loose fibres as much as possible. For conditioning our ropes we use a vegan coating which is a special blend of Simmondsia chinensis seed oil and non-rancidifying Japanese Mokurō wax. 

Our ropes are a high quality product based on the cradle-to-cradle principle (from nature - back to nature), professional in handling, strong and pleasantly soft and skin-friendly on the skin - simply perfect for Shibari, Kinbaku, bondage & Co.  

Our service for you: When putting together our bondage sets, we are happy to consider your individual wishes and requirements. Please contact us! We're here for you!


 Your pleasure is our motivation. A healthy planet our mission.