Your specialist for chemical free and skin-friendly jute ropes for bondage. We deliver ready-to-use pre-conditioned jute ropes to 30+ European countries.

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We offer high quality jute ropes for Shibari, Kinbaku and rope bondage in various diameters and lengths.

Our ropes are specially made from food-safe yarns for prolonged skin contact.

Our ropes are:

  • 100% skin-friendly & chemical-free
  • 100% sustainable & biodegradable
  • and are produced in Germany.

The ropes and sets available in our online shop are hand prepared by us and ready-to-use.

We are also happy to put together your individual bondage set for you tailored to your demand!

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Our ropes

Our jute ropes for bondage are available to purchase in various diameters and lengths. Our standard stock lengths are 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m long ropes. 

We are also happy to prepare ropes in your desired lengths individually for you! 

Find out which rope diameter is optimum for your application: 

Shop 6mm jute ropes 

6mm diameter jute ropes can be used for both ground and suspension work for people weighing between 70 – 90kg (11st–12st 8lb / 154lb–198lb). We also recommend these ropes for those who tend to bruise easily.

Shop 5.5mm jute ropes 

5.5mm diameter jute ropes can be used for both ground and suspension work for people weighing less than 70kg (11st / 154lb).

Shop 5mm jute ropes

5mm diameter jute ropes can be used for ground as well as suspension work for people with VERY LIGHT body weight. 

The following rule applies: The thicker the rope, the more surface is available for load distribution (body weight) and the less the rope cuts into the flesh. This is particularly important when doing suspension work.

Discreet and robust packaging

We package your purchase(s) with love and attention to detail.

You will receive our package in discreet, inconspicuous, and stable cardboard packaging. The neighbors won't notice anything. :)

If you live outside the EU we have to state the content of your package for custom purposes. The ropes will be described as “natural jute rope” and blindfolds as “cotton scarfs” etc.  We won’t mention the word bondage or blindfold.

We only use as much plastic as necessary and as little as possible for our packaging.


Frequently asked questions about our ropes and our answers. 

How should I store my jute ropes for bondage?

  • Store your ropes at room temperature and keep them away from excessive heat, light (direct sunlight) and moisture.

  • Twisted jute ropes have positional memory. Therefore, do not store your ropes in tightly wound bundles for long periods of time. It is better to place them loosely rolled up in an air-permeable box with a lid and additional ventilation slots. A shoebox comes in handy here.

  • Do not store your ropes in a plastic bag or container as the ropes may sweat when exposed to heat.

  • Alternatively, you can store your ropes, following our Japanese models, hanging over a rod, such as a curtain rod, which is mounted on the wall at a height of approx. 2.20m. This allows your ropes to rest in a naturally ventilated environment.

My rope untwists at the rope bight into its individual strands? 

What can I do?

This can happen when a rope is exposed to a great deal of weight or stress on the same area over and over again. To counteract this, pull your rope in both directions, i.e. once from right to left and from left to right, through your tightly closed hand to equate the twist across the entire length of the rope. Repeat this process until the twist of the rope at the bight is in balance again. 

 For the nerds: this action is also called "to dress" a rope. 

Wear of the rope loop (bight)

A simple and effective trick

The "loop" (or bight) of your rope is the most susceptible section of your rope to wear and tear. First signs of wear and tear will probably occur here. As soon as you notice this, shorten your rope by about 10 - 20 cm/ 4 - 8in and knot the new end. The loop now moves to the next free position. With this simple trick you'll extend the lifespan of your rope.

Ropes that are already worn should no longer be used for high-risk applications.

My ropes are dirty. How can I clean them?

We found out that Alcohol has a lesser detrimental effect on jute fibre than water, and penetrates much better into compacted jute strands and yarns. That's why we clean our ropes with sake. 

Here's how it works: 

  • Pour cheap sake into a high-sided pan. Note that sake already boils at ~78°C! Just before the sake begins to boil, turn the temperature down to minimum and let it simmer. 
  • Put the dirty rope in the pan. Make sure the rope is completely covered with liquid and put the lid on the pan, since sake evaporates faster than water. 
  • Move the rope back and forth every few minutes. Most stains disappear within 15 minutes. 

Hang to air dry naturally with at least the following tension to bring the rope back to equilibrium:

  • ø6mm 980g per metre rope
  • ø5.5mm 900g per metre rope
  • ø5.0mm 800g per metre rope

It may be necessary that you need to o re-oil your rope after this treatment. We recommend using Jojoba oil for this.


Your specialist for chemical free and skin-friendly jute ropes for bondage. We deliver ready-to-use pre-conditioned jute ropes to 30+ European countries.

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